About Us

Guangdong Changjing Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company that has long focused on the development of the semiconductor industry. It has its own diode factory and transistor factory, and will extend to the upstream IC integrated circuit design direction. Over the years, “Changjing” has always adhered to the business concept of “using the customers of electronic whole machines as the center, creating high-value services and building a win-win situation”. It has always been committed to providing diodes and triodes manufacturers directly for domestic and foreign electronic whole machines. Provide services. For several years, the spirit of the semiconductor industry has been constantly innovating, improving the technology level, optimizing management technology, improving the quality of sales services, and focusing on the development, production, and sales of diodes and transistors to meet the vast demand of the electronic finished product market. Provide a safer, more durable, and more stable supply platform for the electronic complete plant, to ensure that the electronic complete plant stands out in a fierce and competitive market.